Welcome to visitors who found us through Dickie Virgin! Have a look around to learn more about our specialty BDSM and fetish services in the US and worldwide.

Opal Executive Services is no ordinary operation. We are skilled, experienced professionals providing crucial services to discerning adults in North America.


Part of our specialty consulting includes helping high-functioning individuals manage the desires and needs that distract from their ability to reach the peaks of their personal and professional lives.

If you know, you know. There are simply some curiosities and cravings which become obsessive! This can be a major distraction from your growth, in all areas of life.

To this end, Opal Executive Services can advise and consult for select clients* on these among other interests:

  • Administrative assistance with personal matters to provide security and discretion

  • Eastern and Tantric coaching

  • Orgasm control, tease/denial, edging, and stamina training to improve mindfulness and focus

  • Domination and submission relationships, both formal and informal

  • Familial exploration and age play in a safe, sane setting. We have extensive experience with these dynamics. See a current offering from Catherine, one of our consultants.

  • Taboo roleplay and fantasy exploration

  • Training for spouses and partners of aspiring submissives

  • Chastity training and regimens

  • Impact play and bondage

  • Domestic service, personal service and body worship

  • Breast play and worship

  • Foot play and worship.  See a current offering from Lucy, one of our consultants.

  • Punishment and humiliation

  • Travel and event planning and services for sexually-oriented and fantasy excursions

  • Other fetish exploration; we can consult on all legal fetish play, although some must be discussed in person, and only after screening.

* Not all services will be available to all clients or in all locations.

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